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Finding the best eye surgery Phoenix, AZ doctors isn’t easy but you have to start somewhere. Why not start with the Doctors the Doctors Trust, Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction?

Dr’s Moretsky and Cassidy are well known Phoenix Cataract Eye Surgery specialists. They are both widely recognized for their expertise in eye surgery particularly Cataract and intraocular lens implantation procedures. Many patients from Phoenix, Arizona and across the entire state have sought their skilled hands for vision correction surgery.

Best Eye Surgery Phoenix DoctorsBest Eye Surgery Phoenix Doctors, Dr. Moretsky & Dr. Cassidy

Our Doctors List

Listed below are those area Doctors who trusted us to perform eye surgery on themselves or their immediate family members.


Constantatia A. Abarikwu, Family Practice Esteban M. Abella, Pediatric Oncologist
Brent Allan, Family Practice Michael V. Altamura, Jr.,Family Practice
Alphonse Ambrosia, Cardiologist Victoria Amstutz, Family Medicine
Nicole Anania, Internal Medicine Daniel Bangart, Podiatrist
Peter V. Banks, Dentist Don E. Barlow, Sr., Family Practice
Chris Barney, Dentist Demetra D. Barr, Family Practice
Jason Barr, Dermatologist James D. Baumann, Family Practice
James Beach, Family Practice Bradley K. Becker, Plastic Surgery
John M. Belden, Family Practice Lori Belden, Family Practice
Gregory Bell, Family Practice David Berg, Radiologist
Eldon Blair, Optometrist Steven C. Boles, Family Practice
Stanford A. Bracken, Optometrist Susan P. Briones, Family Practice
C. Gilberto Brito, Urologist Harold D. Bryan, Family Practice
Stanley P. Brysacz, Family Practice Jennifer G. Cassanova, Pediatrics
Carlos M. Cazares, Family Practice David L. Child, OB/GYN
Pankaj Chopra, Hospitalist Jason Christensen, Emergency Medicine
Thomas Cipriano, Dentist Robert Coons, Family Practice
Duan C. Copeland, Urologist Rustin Crawford, Family Practice
Jeanette Cruz, Family Medicine Douglas L. Cunningham, Family Practice
Donald G. Cunningham, Family Practice James Davidson, Orthopedics
Joseph Curletta, Anesthesiologist David Eccker, Dentist
William H. Devine, Family Practice Superna Dhanda, Psychiatrist
Jared Dayton, Family Practice William Dishner, Pulmonary Disease
Sumit DeWanjee, Orthopedics Matthew D. Dunn, Dentist
Shenen L. Dietrich, Internal Medicine Michael Epter, Emergency Room physician
Bradley C. Downing, Family Practice Joel B. Edelstein, Internal Medicine
Elizabeth A. Durkin, Family Practice Jennifer Fineberg, Dentist
Anne Faucheu, Dentist Victor Gan, Infectious Disease
Dan P. Featherston, Internal Medicine Charles Gardner, Orthopedics
Davis Francyk, Family Medicine Jayant Geete, Psychiatrist
Thomas Garrison, Emergency Room David Gibbons, Dentist
Allen (Max) Germaine Jr., Family Practice Dagoberto Gonzalez, OB/GYN
Michael Gibson, Dentist Gerardo Gregorio, Internal Medicine
Alan R. Granett, Family Practice Stephen E. Hatfield, Orthopedics
Ravindra Gudavalli, Pulmonologist
Spencer Heaton, Anesthesiologist/Pain Management
Michael Hayes, Family Practice Deborah Hill, Family Practice
Yolanda Hernandez, Dentist Richard Hoffman, Pathologist
Craig E. Hoffbauer, Family Practice Joanne Hopman, Optometrist
Scott Holderness, Podiatrist Eric G. Huish, OB/GYN
Elaine M. Hsu, Anesthesiologist William L. Ingram, Chiropractor
Michael Hunter, Family Practice J. Carvel Jackson, Physical Medicine
Tim Jacks, Pediatrician Larry Kasian, Chiropractor
John (Mike) Jones, Dentist Lynn M. Keating, Emergency Medicine
Richard Kaufman, Family Practice Shannon Klump, Family Practice
Shellese King-Bassett, Dentist Matthew E. Lamagna, Intern
Philip Ku, Internal Medicine Vinay M. Kwatra, Pediatrician
Melanie Lane, Family Practice Lawrence R. LeBeau, Family Practice
Dan E. Leber, Optometrist Erol Leblanc, Family Practice
John B. Lees, Family Practice David B. Leff, Gastroenterologist
Stanley Levine, Family Practice Gwen A. Levitt, Psychiatrist
Michael Levit, Family Practice Michael Lichtman, Chiropractor
Mark Lidner, Dentist Harry Lum, Emergency Medicine
Diana Lin, Dentist Renata Majda, Optometrist
Greg Loo, Podiatrist Steven R. Maxfield, Diagnostic Medicine
Trevor Luu, Dentist Elizabeth J. McConell, Colon-Rectal Surgeon
Anthony G. Marchese, Family Practice Mark A. McManigle, Family Practice
Erin Maruska, Dentist Lana McDermott, Dentist
Lisa J. McClellan, Family Practice Dave D. Minor, Family Practice
Craig Mechelke, OB/GYN Gina D. Moniton, Pediatrics
Donald R. Middleton, Jr., Family Practice Ronald A. Nagy, Podiatrist
Jeff R. Minoz, Internal Medicine Esmat M. Mustafa, Nephrologist
Kris Morshedian, Nephrologist Justin Nast, OB/GYN
Kevin Nehring, Chief Flight Surgeon Jocelyn V. Nguyen, Family Practice
Kaveh N. Najafi, Trauma Surgeon Shanlyn Newman, Chiropractor
Troy J. Nelson, Pediatrics Peter Nelson, Oral Surgeon
Rhodney Neira, Internal Medicine Jason Page, Family Medicine
Roscoe S. Nelson, Urologist Savas Petrides, Nephrologist
Jeffrey C. Northrup, OB/GYN Eugene H. Pardi, Family Practice
Sanjay Bhiku Patel, Family Practice Ian Parker, Plastic Surgery
Bradley Porter, Oral Surgeon Kari L. Patterson, Neurologist
Greg N. Rampey, Family Practice Craig M. Phelps, Sports Medicine
David Reynolds. Neurologist Barbara Prah, Family Practice
Trevin Rollins, Orthodontist Sara Reausaw, Dentist
Samuel H. Roberts, Family Medicine Jennifer Roper, Emergency Room Medicine
Marc Rosenberg, Dermatologist Jody Samuelson, Chiropractor
Jennifer Rubin, Psychiatrist Kenneth Root, Neurologist
Lawrence K. Sands, Public Health Medicine Monica Sawitzke, Optometrist
Darrin D. Scherer, Family Practice Roland Segal, Psychiatrist
Paul Selander, Podiatrist Joel S. Sellers, Sports Medicine
Leonardo C. Serfino, Internal Medicine Thomas J. Setter, Orthopedics
Shdbhan Shah, Pathologist David Shoup, Osteopathic Medicine
Sunny Shun-Yu Dentist Mikel Skousen, Family Practice
Chris Smith, Dentist Gary A. Smith, Dentist
Maria F. Soriano, Internal Medicine Michael A. Smith, Thoracic Surgeon
Tod M. Sughihara, Family Physician John Storheim, Radiology
Vanessa Tartaglia-Keane, Family Practice Marichu Sy, Family Practice
Rob Walker, Dentist Mary Ann Turley, Family Practice
Dennis R. Watson, Internal Medicine Florian (Tim) Walter, OB/GYN
Carrol E. Wheat, Family Medicine Rebecca Weiss, Primary Care
Richard O. Wright, Pathology Thomas Willis, Anesthesiologist
Megan Zakarewicz, Family Practice Clark D. York, Emergency Medicine

Disclaimer: * While over 190 area Doctors have had eye surgery performed, we may not have received all confidentiality of release letters permitting us to publish their names as of yet.

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