Vivity Intraocular Lenses

Dr. Moretsky and Dr. Cassidy were amongst the first select group of eye surgeons in America to perform the Vivity lens implants, after FDA approval.

More About Vivity Lens

Vivity Lens allows you to see clearly at critical far and intermediate distances while still providing functional enhanced near vision in good light.

The unique revolutionary  X-Wave technology permits the stretching and shifting of light  which creates a continuous extended  focus range. Unlike a multifocal lens, the Vivity lens does not separate light the same way, so there is less chance of glare around lights at night. This is an advantage for night driving.

According to results from a U.S. clinical trial, patients who had the Vivity lens implanted experienced renewed vision and lifestyle benefits, including:

94% and 92% of Vivity patients reported very good or good vision at distance and arm’s length, respectively, without glasses in bright light, with vision of 20/20 at distance and greater than 20/25 at intermediate
Comparable visual disturbance profile to a monofocal IOL. The use of reading glasses for near detail may still be necessary at times. Vivity Lens is also available in Toric version, which corrects astigmatism.

Our objective is to offer best in class options to our patients; with Vivity Intraocular Lenses in our inventory. We are able to deliver best quality treatment options available in Arizona. The Vivity lens is tailor-made to suit today’s lifestyle, by reducing or eliminating dependence on glasses for distance and near vision.

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