Intraocular Lens Implant Options

You now have options for cataract surgery

If you are diagnosed with cataract formation, Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction wants you to be aware that there are different treatment options available for you.

Cataracts develop when the natural lens of your eyes become cloudy, affecting your sight. Visually significant cataracts can be removed and replaced with an intraocular lens implant on an outpatient basis.

Cataract surgery is indicated when the quality of your vision interferes with your daily activities, be it driving, reading, or just unusual glare or halos associated with lights. Years ago, patients were advised to defer cataract surgery until the cataracts became “ripe.” Cataracts are different than tomatoes, they do not need to get ripe before they are treated.

After the cataract is removed, it is replaced with an intraocular lens implant that is similar to a small soft contact lens which contains an optical prescription that is matched for you, much like your glasses.

However, we now have different treatment options available to address this prescription, the standard or advanced technology implants.

Standard Lens Options

Traditionally, the standard intraocular lens was designed to improve vision to a level the eyes saw before cataract formation occurred, with the additional aid of glasses.

Ophthalmologists today can insert a standard implant which can provide a single distance vision only. Reading glasses or bifocals are then used for fine tuning and reading small print. Most patients accept this, as they are accustomed to bifocals, progressive lenses, or reading glasses.


Presbyopia is a condition that impairs close vision and requires the aid of reading glasses or bifocals. This begins occurring around age 45 and continues to progress.

Modern advanced technology intraocular lens implants (presbyopia correcting) are now available to permit patients to be less dependent on bifocals or reading glasses, both for distance and near.

Advanced Technology Lens Options – Presbyopia Correcting Implants

When deciding between cataract surgery options, you can now choose an advanced technology lens implant that can enhance your vision, allowing you to see near, far, and in between without glasses or contacts.

With presbyopia correcting lens implants, you can expect a increased range of vision at distance and near, “glasses free,” typically 95 % of the time. Using modern advanced technology lenses and advanced surgical technique, you may, once again, eliminate your dependence on bifocals and reading glasses, yet still enjoy clear far away vision.

Not all cataract patients are candidates for presbyopia correcting lenses, so our doctors will need to evaluate your eyes before you will know if this is right for you. Also, not all ophthalmologists offer or perform presbyopia correcting lens implants with cataract surgery.

Dr. Cassidy has over 35 years of refractive surgery experience and performs a variety of different refractive surgery procedures, including LASIK. The doctors at Morestky Cassidy Vision Correction have a unique skill set and vast experience with all types of refractive surgery and intraocular lens implants.

We are pleased to offer the following advanced technology presbyopia correcting lens implant options:

Other advanced technology lens options include the Toric intraocular lens which corrects for astigmatism. This improves the quality of vision for distance in patients with excess astigmatism. With Toric lenses, patients will still require reading glasses but will enjoy a new level of distance vision that would previously require contact lenses or glasses.

PanOptix – First FDA-approved Trifocal Intraocular Lens 

Dr. Moretsky and Dr. Cassidy were amongst the first select group of eye surgeons in America to perform the Panoptix lens implants, after FDA approval.

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Vivity Lenses


Dr. Moretsky and Dr. Cassidy were amongst the first select group of eye surgeons in America to perform the Vivity lens implants, after FDA approval.

More About Vivity Lens

Vivity Lens allows you to see clearly at critical far and intermediate distances while still providing functional enhanced near vision in good light.

The unique revolutionary  X-Wave technology permits the stretching and shifting of light  which creates a continuous extended  focus range. Unlike a multifocal lens, the Vivity lens does not separate light the same way, so there is less chance of glare around lights at night.

According to results from a U.S. clinical trial, patients who had the Vivity lens implanted experienced renewed vision and lifestyle benefits, including:

94% and 92% of Vivity patients reported very good or good vision at distance and arm’s length, respectively, without glasses in bright light, with vision of 20/20 at distance and greater than 20/25 at intermediate comparable visual disturbance profile to a monofocal IOL. The use of reading glasses for near detail may still be necessary at times. Vivity Lens is also available in Toric version, which corrects astigmatism.

Our objective is to offer best in class options to our patients; with Vivity Intraocular Lenses in our inventory we are able to deliver best quality treatment options possible in Arizona. The Vivity lens is tailor-made to suit today’s lifestyle, by reducing or eliminating dependence on glasses for distance and near vision.

Vivity Testimonial from Actual Patient


Dr. Cassidy and the team will examine and interview you to help decide which advanced technology lens is best for you.

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