Cataract Surgery Testimonials

We have helped a lot of people improve their lives through the gift of better sight with different cataract eye surgeries. Read about their life after cataract surgery and their experiences.

Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction is proud to be the first practice to implement the ReSTOR Lens technology during cataract surgery in Arizona. We are constantly trying to offer our patients the latest advancements in eye care.

Stories of Surgery & Life After Cataracts

-Jenny Mertes

-Warren Rucker
Mesa Business Owner



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My experience with the Moretsky-Cassidy Clinic has been positive in every respect. Every person I dealt with contributed to providing a friendly and encouraging environment for making an important decision about the future of my vision. They answered all questions and provided the information I needed about Lifestyle implants. The surgical procedure and all related administrative tasks were handled with friendly professionalism. Recovery proceeded according to the guidelines they provided, and was without difficulty.

For me, the results with the implants were not only immediate, but they were more wonderful than I anticipated. My vision now is better at all ranges than it ever was with corrective lenses. For the first few weeks after surgery I found myself simply gazing at household objects, or trees, or birds, relishing the amount of detail I could distinguish. I had forgotten what it was like to see sharp outlines and clear images of my own skin, the birds in the trees, and the distant mountains.

These days, when, first thing in the morning, I reach for my glasses, I have a good laugh at how persistent old habits are. I do still use glasses, but only when reading small print or for prolonged periods, or to look at small details. I no longer wear glasses in the course of daily activities. I no longer have to wear glasses into the shower to tell the difference between shampoo and conditioner. I no longer see a Christmas tree of lights at night where there’s only one taillight. I can walk into a shower room, or get into a hot tub, or have a strenuous workout, without my vision being impaired by steam or sweat. I can put on mascara by sight (not by touch), see when things need to be dusted, or washed, read street signs and menus, walk – and see – in the rain, recognize people across a parking lot or large room, and, surprisingly, even see colors more accurately. I have taken a new interest in my appearance, and even my health. It has enhanced my life more than I had ever expected.

-Anna Johnston
Retired Attorney

It is with great pleasure I write this letter regarding my experience with Moretsky Cassidy/Valley Eye Specialists. I told Dr. Cassidy immediately after my Tecnis MF implant procedure, that he as well as his entire staff was WONDERFUL and that is exactly what they are. I really can’t say enough about their kindness and professionalism.

Eye surgery is a very important decision and we need to make the right choices. If you are considering vision correction (cataract surgery), you may be nervous and have some apprehension, I know I did. I talked to several people who had the same surgery and they all said to just relax, don’t worry, even though you are awake, you don’t see or feel anything. It’s a breeze to go through.

I highly recommend Moretsky Cassidy/ Valley Eye Specialist and truly believe you will be happy you made them your choice.

Jaqueline M. Varner

What a difference! It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. After years of wearing heavy, thick, uncomfortable glasses and still having poor vision, the Tecnis MF lens implant surgery gave me back my sight and let me throw my glasses away. What a sense of freedom…

When I was told I had cataracts my biggest fear was losing my sight and my independence. I was worried I would have to give up driving and riding my motorcycle. The staff at Dr. Cassidy’s office made me feel totally at ease. They gave me personal attention and reassured me. They handled all the paperwork and insurance authorization. They explained the procedure and options and guided me through the process so I could decide which option was best for me.

The Tecnis MF lens implant procedure was a piece of cake. There was hardly any discomfort and within 4 days I was driving again and reading prescription labels that I needed a magnifier to see before the surgery. Street signs are now visible at a good, safe, distance away.

I would encourage anyone who is hesitating to consider the Tecnis lens implant procedure to talk with the caring, helpful staff at Dr. Cassidy’s office and don’t waste another minute with limited vision.

Sincerely Grateful,
Robert Walrath

I want to thank Dr. Moretsky for giving me my eyesight back. I now have an incredible, interesting, wonderful and clear world again, thanks to him. I’d also like to express my entire experience since my first visit was incredibly warm, caring and thoroughly professional from beginning to end. Everyone involved was so meticulous and caring. I felt totally secure at all times.

I no longer need to wear glasses at any time, because of the Tecnis MF lenses that were put in. I happily donated all of my glasses to an eyesight charity. Prior to the surgery I decided that I no longer wanted to have the expense of buying new prescription glasses every year, only to find that my eyesight was still not totally clear. It is now, both far and near. What a blessing, and what a savings in money!

Suzanne Klotz


“Dear Dr. Moretsky, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for saving my eyesight. The ReSTOR lenses that you recommended are performing remarkably well for me.

I have to say that coming into your office was a challenge because I’m the type of person that had a hard time even putting drops in. I’m so sensitive with anything in or near my eyes.

Needless to say, it was very traumatic coming in for eye surgery. I was nervous and scared but the whole surgery was over so quickly and without pain. It was hard to imagine beforehand that it would flow that well. As you might recall, within 24 hours of my first surgery I was ready to schedule my second surgery on the other eye with you.

Additionally, I was very impressed with the kindness and professionalism of your staff. You must be proud to lead such a terrific organization. At the age of 46, I want to thank you so much again for giving me a second chance at sight –for the rest of my life.”

– Sincerely, Marc Dockweiler

“Clarise, my wife, and I had the ReSTOR procedure performed during the same time frame. We both agree, the outcome has far exceeded our expectations. The ability to see well again without glasses more than compensates for the halo’s periodically, seen on some lights at night.”

Clarise and Grant Stephens
Ages: 65 and 68


“I would like to pass on, to anybody who is thinking about getting cataract surgery, my experience at Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction Center. The employees were very helpfl and would furnish any information that you needed to make decisions. Their operating room staff and all the associates were very professional and very friendly. The surgery itself was very fast and only took what seemed like a few minutes. I went home with just a patch over my eye.

I chose the ReSTOR lenses. The first eye was done in January and the other in March. I have had no problems at all. There is hardly any discomfort, only the first day was slightly uncomfortable, because of the patch over your eye. I never even took Tylenol, there was just no pain. Since my surgery, I do not wear glasses. I can read the paper, drive my car, and they have tested my vision at 20/20 for far away as well.

I would recommend Dr. Moretsky and Dr. Cassidy very highly to anybody thinking of any future eye surgery or lens replacements. The ReSTOR lens has given me back my vision, I hope this helps anybody who is contemplating the ReSTOR lens.”

Donald Anderson
Age: 60


“I had the ReSTOR Intraocular Lens procedure done by Dr. Moretsky, and I would like to thank him and his staff for the wonderful job that they did.

I could not have imagined reading again without glasses and doing the may different daily tasks that I did which required me to wear glasses, i.e. reading a menu in a restaurant, a newspaper, price tags in a department store, grocery shopping, threading a needle, etc. I feel free!!

Again I THANK YOU so much for correcting my vision so I do not have to wear glasses again.”

A. Lopez
Age: 52


“I have had a miracle happen! After wearing glasses as a 14 year old, then contact lenses until I needed bifocal contact lenses, I then found out I had cataracts. I now have the “ReSTOR” lens. After removing my cataracts Dr. Sanford Moretsky placed a “ReSTOR” lens in each one of my eyes and the results are amazing. I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes for distance and I no longer need reading glasses! The “ReSTOR” lens has made it possible to see distance, read and all in between without the aid of glasses.

I am a musician so you can understand how important unimpaired sight is to me. The care I received from Dr. Moretsky and his associates was excellent. They kept me fully informed about the procedure before and during the surgery taking any fear I might have had away. I can highly recommend the “ReSTOR” lens and the excellence of Dr. Moretsky.”

Ruth VanHemert
Age: 76


“Dear Dr. Moretsky,

It’s a miracle! I have worn contacts for 20 years. My eyes were so bad (20/100) the prescription for glasses was heavy and cumbersome. I thought my vision was as good as it was going to get with mono-vision contacts and was content with that. Then, last year at a routine eye exam, I was told I would soon have to “get out” of my contacts due to lack of oxygen to my cornea. I was devastated! I couldn’t function in glasses.

After much research and many consultations about options (not many for my prescription), I felt confident in choosing Dr. Moretsky and the ReSTOR lens implant. Dr. Moretsky and his staff walked me through each step so that there were no surprises which relieved my anxiety because they were so supportive.

I feel lucky to have been a candidate for this procedure and wish I had done it sooner. I never expected the improvement to be so dramatic; 20/20 in each eye, and the ability to read upclose without any reading glasses, that’s why I said it’s a miracle.

Thank you Dr. Moretsky for your impressive expertise and for giving me back my vision.”

Kate McLane


“June 2005 I had an appointment at the offices of Moretsky and Cassidy to discuss the possibility of LASIK vision correction. After being examined and talking with Dr. Moretsky I asked about other alternatives.

Dr. Moretsky explained the ReSTOR® Lens and said I was a good candidate for it. On June 22nd my right eye was operated on. Vision was corrected to 20/25 by June 28th and I was reading and driving without glasses or contacts.

In July my left eye was complete and every day both my left and right eyes continue to improve.

It is a great feeling after 27 years to be totally free of glasses and contacts.”

Sam Malcuria
Age: 69


“I began wearing reading glasses about 20 years ago. My Vision gradually declined over the years. About a year ago I experienced a sharper decline. A visit to Dr. Moretsky’s office revealed the development of cataracts. Together we decided on the ReSTOR® Lens, left eye first.

The surgery was painless! Recovery took a couple of days with minimal discomfort and slight blurring. Two weeks later the right eye received a ReSTOR® Lens, again without pain.

The results have exceeded my expectations: with vision rivaling that of my youth! I no longer need glasses, my eyes are 20/20 and 20/15 in the distance and 20/25 and 20/30 for reading and upclose vision.

I can see street signs at a distance, watch TV clearly, and the most amazing, read the smallest print. These were all problematic prior to surgery. Would I make the same choice if I had it to make over, ABSOLUTELY!

Having amazing technology is only half the equation, it is equally important to choose a competent surgeon who understands and skillfully applies that technology. Dr. Moretsky is one of the finest surgeons available. I’m grateful he is located in the Phoenix Metro area and blessed to have availed myself of his years of experience.”

Kay Schrieber
Age: 60


“The ReSTOR lens is Great and it was painless. I had both eyes done with the ReSTOR lens.”

Beverley Wyman


“A special Thank you to Valley Eye Specialists Clinic. Dr. Moretsky did a wonderful job on my eyes using the ReSTOR lens. What a beautiful world of color. I did not realize how much I was missing until the cataracts were removed and the ReSTOR Intraocular lenses were implanted.

Thanks so much for making my world so much clearer and brighter. A very satisfied patient.”

Fred J. Marick


“I feel very fortunate to have had Dr. Sanford Moretsky replace both of my lenses with the ReSTOR lenses. I now have the vision of my teenage years. Dr. Moretsky and his staff were not only professional and fully capable, but also relaxed and very friendly. I would recommend Dr. Moretsky to anyone who desires to have the “very best Eye Surgeon” in the country work on their eye restoration. Everything was done easily and quickly. Thank you, thank you…”

R. Friel

“I saw Dr. Moretsky mid January for my cataracts. My whole experience with the clinic was great – the surgeries both went very well. It’s difficult to describe my vision after having the ReSTOR lens implanted. I can read, watch television, drive and see objects so clearly it is hard to imagine. After wearing glasses for many, many years, it seems like a miracle to have the vision I now have.”

Eleanor Smith

“Since the age of 12, I have had terrible vision, bordering on being legally blind. Glasses and contacts were adequate while I was young but as I aged (now 65) my eyes got worse and I also developed cataracts. Reading and driving became stressful and I was thrilled when my Ophthalmologist said that my cataracts had developed enough to have surgery. We were living In Alabama at the time and I had gone through the preliminary tests for the surgery when I learned about the ReSTOR Intraocular lens. We were in the process of selling our house and moving to Arizona. The surgery (which requires several months of treatment) had to be postponed, as our house sold and we made the move to Phoenix.

Needless to say I was very disappointed about my cataract surgery prospects. My husband saw an advertisement in the Newspaper for Dr. Moretsky’s seminar. I’m usually skeptical of seminars, but decided to make reservations. From the moment Dr. Moretsky began to discuss the eye, cataracts and the surgery process, I knew I had found a new doctor to perform my surgery. He was knowledgeable, professional and his attending staff cordial and friendly.

During the entire testing period, surgery and subsequent office visits, I have been treated with great care and attention to detail. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I can read anything and everything, up close and far away. My vision is 20/20 with both eyes and I have experienced no adverse side effects. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to read a menu at a restaurant or make a putt on the golf course. The first few weeks after surgery I was still reaching for my glasses as I got up in the morning and then I would realize that I didn’t need glasses anymore and wouldn’t for the rest of my life. One of the benefits I have noticed is the lack of headaches I have now. I didn’t realize that my eyes were under such strain before the surgery.

I would like to say anyone having this surgery should be prepared to spend at least 2 months getting use to their new lenses. After surgery, if you follow the instructions which include eye drops, not bending over and generally taking it easy, you should be on cloud nine. Not only did Dr. Moretsky and his staff give me the best care, but they also gave me the best price. My upgraded surgery with the ReSTOR lens was $1,000 less than what I was scheduled to pay in Alabama.”

Jean Grey

“Thanks to Dr. Sanford Moretsky and his staff. I now can see perfectly well without glasses. The surgery and the ReSTOR intraocular lens was successful. I’m amazed how much better I can see both during the day and night.”

Rochelle S. Reiss

“Developing cataracts for several years caused me to have poor eyesight. Not being able to see clearly made night driving extremely difficult. Needless to say, at the time to renew my driver license, I failed the vision test and my license was revoked. The only option for improved vision would be cataract surgery.

After doing some research , fortunately (thank God), I chose Dr. Moretsky to do my cataract surgery and Crystalens was my preference. After an exam and consultation with Dr. Moretsky, he recommended surgery with the Crystalens HD for me, saying I was a good candidate for this procedure. I am very pleased with his recommendation for me.

On 10/29/2008 I had surgery on my left eye and the Crystalens HD implanted. My vision began to improve quickly and three days later I took and passed the MVD eye test without glasses. I now have a drivers license with no restrictions.

In January 2009 I had the same surgery and Crystalens HD lens implanted on my right eye. With near perfect vision in each eye, I now have excellent vision with both eyes working together.

I recommended Dr. Moretsky to my wife (who is 75+ years old) who also developed cataracts and was wearing bi-focal glasses for several years. After examining her, he recommended surgery and the Crystalens HD. She had her right eye done in January 2009 and her left eye in February 2009, with excellent results. We both marvel at how clearly we can see and the bright colors we were missing.

A sincere thank you to Dr. Moretsky and his well trained staff.”

Jim Barone
Age: 76


“I had an existing cataract in my left eye when I had to undergo retinal surgery, also in the left eye. I was told that this surgery could cause the cataract to grow more rapidly, which happened. Six months later I was unable to read the eye chart and scheduled to have cataract surgery. I was not familiar with the Crystalens and asked to talk to other patients who had them implanted; they gave me very positive reports. I am very pleased with my results. My vision is 20/25 and I am not wearing glasses to read or drive. I have experienced no difficulty and am not aware I ever had the surgery. I am sure you will be pleased should you choose the Crystalens.”

Evea Higgins


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