ReZoom is a progressive lens inside the eye. The ReZoom lens (made by Advanced Medical Optics, Inc.), like the ReSTOR lens (see below), is a non-moving lens implant.

It gives near (1-2 feet), arm’s length (2-3 feet), and distance vision simultaneously because it has three focusing zones. Light entering the eye passes through all three of these zones simultaneously. This means there is no ‘learning curve’ for reading with this lens. Distance and reading vision are available almost immediately.

Some patients may have difficulty with driving at night because of glare from oncoming lights. This can occur with any lens implant but is more likely with implants that focus light in two or more places at once.

Just as progressive spectacle lenses can cause distortion under certain conditions, the ReZoom lens may not give perfect vision in dim light situations. The ReZoom lens gives generally satisfactory arm’s length (eg…desktop computer screen) vision but may not yield perfect vision for reading very small print up-close.


ReZoom FAQs

How quickly will my vision become clear with ReZoom?

  • Far Away- Immediately
  • Mid-Range (2-3 feet)-Slowly improves over time one to several weeks
  • Up-Close (1-2 feet)-Slowly improves over time one to several weeks

What are the ReZoom Advantages?

  • Excellent results for distance and arm’s length

What are the ReZoom Disadvantages?

  • May get halos around lights when driving at night
  • May need glasses for some fine print

Who is the Ideal Candidate for ReZoom?

  • People who spend more time at the computer rather than reading
  • People who drive minimally at night or are not bothered by glare


Comparison Chart of Crystalens, Trulign Toric, Tecnis Multifocal and ReSTOR
Lens Implants



Trulign™ Toric*(1)

Tecnis Multifocal Lens™


Crystalens Tecnis Multifocal ReSTOR Lens
Focusing Mechanism Implant moves back and forth (autofocus), powered by your eye muscles. Light focuses through zones simultaneously for far, mid-range, and near vision in all light conditions. Light focuses through a unique innovative optical technology referred to as ‘apodized’ allowing far mid range and near focusing.
Distance Vision(Road signs, TV captions) Best ★ ★ ★ Good ★ ★ ← ★ ★ ★ Good ★ ★ ← ★ ★ ★
Arm’s length vision at 2-3 feet(Computer Desktop) Best ★ ★ ★ Fair ★ Lens 1: Good ★ ★ Lens 3: Poor N/A
Near vision at 1-2 feet(Newspapers, Laptop Computer) Fair to Good ★ ★
(Improved when combined with blended vision) *(2)
Best ★ ★ ★ Lens 1: Best ★ ★ ★ Lens 3: Best ★ ★ ★ ★
Clarity for driving at night Best ★ ★ ★ Good ★ ★ *(3) Good ★ ★ *(3)


* (1) Trulign Toric is similar to the Crystalens, but is the only lens approved to also correct astigmatism and presbyopia.

* (2) Blended vision: One eye is targeted more for distance (i.e., street signs) and intermediate, while the other eye is targeted more for intermediate and near. Patient will typically adapt rapidly to this type of correction.

* (3) In about 5 – 10% of patients, persistent halos around lights at night may occur, symptoms typically improve over time.

August 23, 2013


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